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Harald Kautz-Vella: MH17 is a covert bioweapon attack! Deutsche Übersetzung folgt!

Harald Kautz-Vella: MH17 is a covert bioweapon attack!

25. Juli 2014 Uns erreicht soeben eine Mail von Harald Kautz-Vella mit der Bitte um sofortige Veröffentlichung und dem Vermerk „Eilt!“. Wir hatten keine Zeit, den Artikel zu übersetzen. Wir stellen ihn nun im Original so ein, wie wir ihn erhalten haben. Es möge sich jeder bitte selbst ein Bild machen.

+++ Alert!!! Spanish flu outbreak imminent +++
+++ development of new medication against the virus accomplished and to be released within the next days +++
+++ Quarantine and UV disinfection of the ground immediately to be done +++
+++ Vaccine campaign might be second covert action to spread the virus, just as tested in 2009 in the Ukraine, also with Spanish flu, when after an initial outbreak contaminated vaccines were released by Baxter +++

by Harald Kautz-Vella

Passengers already dead at takeoff
The picture alternative media are drawing from the MH17 incident is getting more and more bizarre. According to first hand information of Ukrainians that got to the sight first, the plane was loaded with corps that were drained from blood and that obviously were already dead for quite some time. Many of them were completely striped from their cloth. In between the corps people found countless packets of blood serum. These statements are covered by the pictures published, that show naked bodies with heavy lesions but no blood at all. Later, when it became public the corps were already smelling, the media added some news about a failing cooling system on the train that was supposed to transport the corps west.

The fact that the plane apparently came down in one piece while the corps are told to be spread over an area of several kilometers hint to the possibility that the corps were deposited in the cargo area – and that the entire cargo was blown out by explosives that were deposited within the plane. Also, experts say the damage at the plane hints to an explosion directed outwards.

So who shot 777 – if anyone did
While the western media repeatedly “hint to the suspicion” that the plane was shot down by the rebels, the NSA-run “alternative media” in Russia state it was an Ukrainian attack that should have hit the plane of Vladimir Putin – that was crossing the same area half an hour later. This hints to a western strategy that is aiming to escalate the conflict on both sides, which meets the rhetoric’s of the officials. This impression is covered by a fully unqualified discussion run by the official experts published by the western state and corporate controlled media that can only be read as the attempt to not answer questions as long as possible.

One might start looking at the BUK-rocket systems that are said to be responsible for the shot. These systems are radar controlled, and the explosion is triggered when it is at 50 m distance from the plane spreading a cloud of shrapnel. So there is no chance to open the stomach of a plane of the size of a 777 with a buk rocket. Normally a number of batteries is guided from one radar station. To conquer a battery from the Ukrainian military (initial official version in western media) is as useless as getting a battery delivered by the Russians (secondary official version in western media), as long as there is no radar system at hand to guide the rockets fired. Apart from the fact, that it needs a few years of training and an elaborated electronic infrastructure to operate such a battery-radar unit.

It is a rather simple truth, that if one wants to find out who guided a rocket to its target one needs to look for the radar activity. This has been done and published by the Russians with straight-forward results: there was increased BUK-battery-presence AND radar activity on the Ukrainian side. Additionally, there was an Ukrainian jet close to MH17 minutes before it was shut down. Just as a reminder: the Maidan revolution was financed by the US Embassy, and guided by Gladio troops (NATO-inteligence).

Strongest hints to a western covert action, is the fact that all evidence and large part of the story “made up” was pre-arranged to the incident. The conversation of rebels stating that they shot down a plane was cut together from conversation-fragments und uploaded a day prior to the incident. Most ridiculous thing, that everyone who calls this a conspiracy theory might check out himself is, that even the names of the victims are obviously fake. The list is public. If one goes to the facebook-profiles of these people one finds out that all the profiles were created at the same day prior to the event. And all of them are empty. And there are no crying relatives around.

Why the Spanish?
Yoichi Shimatsu is a science writer, who organized public health seminars during the SARS and avian influenza outbreaks in Hong Kong and Bangkok. He was the lead investigative journalist in the 1995 Tokyo subway gassing and subsequent terrorist threats against Japan’s nuclear reactors. In an article published on the 19th of July he states:
Blood-drained corpses are the stuff of horror movies, but this nightmare arose from one of the busiest airports of “civilized” Europe, and one controlled by ITCS, a security company linked from its inception to the Israeli Mossad. 
Mad Scientists with renewed support from above
A reason for concern, early in this investigation, is the fact that The Netherlands, the origin of Flight 17, is the center for the engineering of weaponized viruses under Ron Fouchier, the closest research associate of the notorious Japanese influenza expert Yoshihiro Kawaoka. The flu-research center at Eramus Medical University in Rotterdam is the sister-laboratory of Kawaoka’s Institute of Infectious Virus Research at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. 
The deadly duo’s pseudo-scientific research includes the “perfection” of a Spanish flu virus that killed of 20 million victims worldwide in 1918-19. Kawaoka recently boasted that nothing can stop his newest variant of H5N1, the avian influenza virus. Fouchier’s fanatic disciples, meanwhile, have been weaponizing the H7N9 bird-flu virus that killed more than 40 people in China. (Weaponization involves three objectives, first, to hasten the ability of a virus to spread, that is, to be more contagious; second, to increase its lethality; and third, to develop an antidote available only to the chosen few.)
Kawaoka and Fouchier are not mad scientists working on the fringe, they are accredited researchers with powerful funding support. Two years ago, the twin labs received a massive boost in funding from unidentified sources funneled through department budgets despite vociferous objections from other scientists as to the unstoppable risks. 
The patrons of the deadly research includes the chairman of the Eramus University trustee board, Anton Van Rossum, a former executive with Solvay, the Belgium chemical producer that illegally provided sarin-gas components to the Israeli biowarfare program aboard an El Al jetliner that crashed in Amsterdam. The El Al flight hit a crowded apartment block, soon after takeoff from Schiphol Airport, which also is the takeoff point for MH17. 
Aboard that El Al flight was a shipment of an RNA-based bioweapon known as mycoplasm, which replicates in water (for example, inside the human lungs) and is suspected to have been used in the two Gulf Wars against Iraq. Bioweapons, Solvay, Israeli, Schiphol, ICTS and Boeing are the common denominators between 1992 El Al crash and the 2014 Malaysia Airlines disaster.
So far to the real world evidence.

Medication developement

The idea that this could be the Spanish flu was confirmed by a number of clairvoyant sources as well as by radionics of the pictures of the corps published. Taking the information from pictures is a standard diagnosis system in informational medicine and tends to be highly reliable.

“V” was talking about this week delay between the incident and the moment the world will realize what happened. It is very likely that this statement refers to the incubation period of this deadly virus. Hours after this became obvious a network of doctors, natural healers and scientists NOT connected to the pharmaceutical industry started to network and to gather the knowledge necessary to face an outbreak of a weaponized Spanish flue.

The Spanish flue kills due to a co-infection with bacteria. The virus attacks the lungs, and opens the tissue to a number of bacteria. Due to the damage done by the bacteria, the lungs are filling with blood and liquid and the patient might die within less then a day. Also, the disease is known to affect people in their best age, while children and elder people stay healthy. This is due to the increased immune system of people in their 20s and 30s. It triggers a self-energizing regulatory circuit that is leading to an increased viral activity.

The development of the new medication was accomplished on Wednesday, the 23rd. It led to a combination of two remedies. A liquid, called “Spanish flue environment transformer” to be used as a cold spray (emergency) or from an hot vaporizer, that changes the environment within the lung by introducing both chemical and informational patterns of fungi as well as of a balanced bacteria-environment as well as colloidal gold. Viruses are known not to prosper in the presence of fungi. Pathological bacteria do not prosper in the presence of balanced bacteriological environments. Gold nano-particles are known do rip DNA. The increased activity of the immune system of people in their best years also could be modulated to a less risky state. This first remedy is not about healing. It is about winning time. The second remedy, “Spanish flue redox” contains an highly potent form of amorphous SiO2 as well as activated zeolite, two of the most potent anti-oxidants known, both have been – as single agents – already positively tested in conventional peer-review medical research for being helpful with viral infects.

The combination will hopefully reduce causalities – now of cause it is still impossible to say by how many percent, this will be shown by future experience.


Original forecast of an 777 incident over Europe from the 15th of July

Original posting by Yoichi Shimatso

Ukraine Spanish flue incident from 2009: