Letter to the U.S. American soldiers

With dismay I learned that U.S. American Infantry troups were now based at the eastern border of Poland, miles away from your home.

You who always allege that you defend your traditional american virtue, are those who are violating against the ten commandments!
What about the sixth commandment:
                                                                           Thou shalt not kill!

The reality looks different. Your are the ones who bring death and destruction to countries who lived until now peacefully.
Your are the once who violate against the right of ervery single human being to live and work in coexistence and just to feel well.

Now you and your chiefs in command evoke a third world war by order of a gouvernment who does not care about your common good, nor about the common good of humanity,.

It is your action the action of every single one of you who engulfs the planet in the abyss. But this time you have picked a real combatant of whose strength you are not aware of.
Your first shot will be responded millionfold. This combatant is not only Russia, it will be all the peoples (nations) of the world who will fight against you.


This time the war you will raise will come back to your own US territory. In WW 1 and WW2 the USA was untroubled. In a new war all will come back to your families, your spouses, your children, fathers, mothers, grand parents, what you have brought to the world: DEATH and MISERY.
Nürnberg 1945


I ask eache single ond of you, no matter which rank (if General or Private):

FOR WHOM do you go for war?
Please, ask yourself who benefits of millions of death (also your mates).


Turn your weapons against those who scream loudly for war.

Use your conscience and ask yourself why you have to take medication before going to war, medication that bears your free will down?


There is no medication that helps you against radioactivity or nerve gas!


Please, use your brain which was given to you by the maker for thinking and do not act as will-less tools.

May the origin of all being will hold its protecting hand over all of us!

Holger Greiner                                                                                              19.04.2014


Quelle der Bilder: http://www.democratic-republicans.us/deutsch/german-estaunlicher-neuer-farbdokumentarfilm-mit-verschollenem-front-material-zum-i-weltkrieg-kriegsgegner-henry-ford-wutet


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