Knights Templar … secret code 11258 found on Card X of the Tarot

Ich hab sie am Allerwertsten…. yeah !

Science and Religion Reconciled with a little help from my friends





Are the Rosetta Mandala and the Lapsit Exillis both referencing the same philosophical idea?

We know that KEYS are needed to open TREASURE CHESTS.

Postel Tarot Key

From left to right the key has three parts:

1) the bow, 2) the shaft, and 3) the head.
The diagram with its legends is an emblem.


Above KEYS by C. C. Zain, Papus, and below is Card X of the tarot designed by Arthur Edgar Waite and Patricia Coleman Smith.


Did the Knights Templar know 11258 was an Apocalyptic Code?
Is 11258 an Apocalyptic Doomsday Code?


…Is 11258 a possible CODE for helping you find the Philosopher’s Stone?

Without any remaining doubt, those ’numbers‘ embedded on CARD X (a treasure map) represents a very powerful mnemonic to help a person remember what they arrived with when they were…

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